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the tooth fairy around the world

the tooth fairy around the world

The Tooth Fairy

We’re all familiar with the legend of the tooth fairy: once a child’s tooth has fallen out they are to place it under their pillow for the tooth fairy to collect. When they wake in the morning they will find the tooth is no longer there, but instead a coin has been left for the child to enjoy. But, as we’re about to find out, the tooth fairy isn’t found in every country around the world…

Raton De Los Dientes (The Tooth Mouse)

While the tooth fairy visits most English-speaking countries, the tooth mouse is her friendly Spanish-speaking counterpart. The mouse, mostly referred to as Ratoncito Perez, tends to be found in Spain, and other Spanish-speaking countries such as Argentina, Colombia and Peru. Ratoncito Perez scurries into the rooms of the sleeping child and collects their tooth in exchange for a small fee or gift. This much-loved mythical character even has a museum dedicated to him in Madrid.

France too has its own version of the tooth mouse, known as La Bonne Petite Souris. As with Ratoncito Perez, La Bonne Petite Souris takes the teeth from under the pillow and leaves some cash or controversially a sweet.

Throwing the Teeth

This custom is adapted depending on each culture, but the symbolic meaning is the same – to encourage strong and healthy teeth to sprout. Japanese children would throw the teeth from the lower jaw straight up into the air and the teeth from the upper jaw straight and down to the ground. This is how they want their new teeth to grow – straight and even.

Middle Eastern countries such as Egypt, Jordan and Iraq also have a similar tooth-throwing tradition, however they throw their tooth to the sun as a gift to the sun god in exchange for stronger and better teeth the second time round.

Feed Them to the Dogs

Mongolia’s tradition is a little less mythical. Rather than leaving the tooth for an inconspicuous evening-dweller, the children of Mongolia take the tooth and place it in some fat before feeding it to their dog. The idea of this is that their adult teeth can be as strong as their dog’s teeth once they have sprouted. If the child does not have a dog, they will then bury the tooth so that the new set of teeth will have strong roots like the trees.

If you would like to learn more about dentistry for children, including how dummies can affect your child’s teeth, please call us at Epsom Dental on 01372 720650 and book yourself in for an appointment with one of our highly trained and experienced dental practitioners. We pride ourselves on being delicate and gentle with all our clients.


children have decayed teeth

Thousands Of England’s Children Are Taken To Hospital For Tooth Extraction.- how do you stop this @EpsomDental

A recent article in a national newspaper Thousands of children have decayed teeth out in hospital.

We wondered why it is increasing – so we asked local dentist Chig Amin of Epsom Dental Centre why it is happening, and more importantly, what parents can do to ensure their children do not have to go through this:

“According to the latest statistics released by the Health and Social Care Information Centre (HSCIC), England’s hospitals have seen an increased number of children’s admissions for severe tooth decay over the past four years.

The statistics conclude that there have been 128,558 cases of children aged 10 or under requiring emergency tooth extraction since 2011.

Furthermore, between 1st April 2014 to 31st March the following year, on call doctors performed tooth extractions on 14,445 children aged five or under. During the same time period, there were 19,336 cases of children aged between six and 10 who endured the same in-hospital procedure.

The reports also mention that this 10% rise in hospital admissions for tooth decay has “a strong correlation between area deprivation and the rate of tooth extraction”. In North West England there were 6,672 cases while London’s hospitals treated the most children in England with 8,362 cases.

The report goes on to explain that the children who had undergone a hospital tooth extraction have been “missed in primary care dentistry as the tooth decay is severe enough that they need hospital treatment, therefore it is likely that they have not regularly attended the dentist”. The authors of the report then go on to explain that “if they (the children) had gone to the dentist, their tooth decay should have been picked up earlier and not reached the stage of extraction.”

The authors then go on to point out the severity of the situation stating that; “The treatment occurring in secondary care implies the children are having their teeth extracted under general anesthetic and means that tooth decay has reached extreme levels.”

Regular dental check-ups are advised in order to prevent such extreme cases from occurring. Make an appointment for your child to have a check-up with their dentist every six months. That way your dentist can examine their teeth and gums to ensure there are no signs of tooth decay or gum disease. 

If you are unsure of how to brush correctly, your dentist will be more than happy to explain proper brushing technique to ensure your teeth are thoroughly cleaned. Moreover, a healthy balanced diet is just as important for warding off tooth decay as it is for keeping your body healthy. Your dentist can also give you and your family some helpful tips on how to eat correctly and what foods and drinks to avoid. 

Chief Executive of the British Oral Health Foundation, Dr. Nigel Hunt addressed this situation: “Around 40% of children still do not visit the dentist each year. Regular visits to the dentist encourage good oral health and provide rapid diagnosis and treatment to prevent children from being hospitalised due to tooth decay.”

Hunt went on to talk about how we can reduce tooth decay and improve our overall oral health through education: “The problem is partly one of improving oral health education. The Government and dental professionals need to work together to raise awareness of the impact of sugar on tooth decay and improve children’s access to NHS dental services.”

Improve Your Child’s Oral Health.

It is important that parents encourage their children to take care of their teeth and gums. Here are just a few pointers on how to prevent your child from developing tooth decay:

  • Avoid giving your child sugary drinks and sweets; instead, offer them water.
  • Make sure that your child brushes and flosses twice daily, for two minutes each session.
  • If you want to give your child a sugary treat, the best time to do so is as a dessert after their evening meal. Do not let them snack on sugary foods throughout the day.
  • Be aware of hidden sugars (often with an ‘-ose’ ending such as glucose, sucrose or fructose). Many ‘healthy’ snacks such as yogurts and cereal bars contain these sugars.

Your child’s first visit to the dentist should happen around their first birthday or when the first tooth sprouts. From there, they should be visiting their dentist for a check-up at least every six months, or as advised by their dentist.”

About The Author

Dr Chig Amin is the owner and principal dentist of the Epsom Dental Centre. Dr Amin regularly writes advice articles on family oral health matters. You can stay up to date on the best way to take care of your child’s oral health by ‘liking’ Epsom Dental’s Facebook page.

Original article –—how-do-you-stop-this-epsomdental

Why Choose Epsom Dental Centre? We’ll Let Our Patients Do The Talking

Epsom Dental Centre
Based on 91 reviews
Epsom Dental Centre
Based on 24 reviews
This is the first dental practice that I have felt truly relaxed about visiting. From the receptionists to the dentists themselves, they are all friendly and welcoming and I trust them completely. I personally see Rahul but know that friends who see other dentists at the practice are also very happy. Highly more
Marie Goddard
Marie G.
Rahul is simply brilliant. Over the years I have had two implants, many fillings, two crowns and whitening treatment. He’s the best dental surgeon I’ve ever used.
Martin Waplington
Martin W.
I am very pleased to have found this dentist after moving to Epsom. The reception staff are friendly, polite, helpful & efficient.My new dentist, Dr. M Patel has now carried out a filing and a cap fitting both of which I am very pleased with. He is one of the best dentists I have had. I fully recommend this practice for quality of service & more
georgina abernethy
georgina A.
Went to Epsom Dental Practice for my six monthly checkup. As usual I was welcomed and treated wonderfully well. All the staff are superb and the treatment is top notch.
David Arnold
David A.
I first went to see a dentist there named Rahul for emergency worked after being scared away from them as a child. He was so calm gentle and patient with the way he treated me that took my nervousness away. That was nearly 15 years ago and everything with this dental surgery has just got better over that time. Rahul is a great dentist who could teach masterclasses on how to deal with people. The reception staff are very welcoming, chatty but stay the right side of proffesional. THe Hygenists are always excellent. The appointments are always on time. I couldn't imagine going anywhere else more
Andrew Bennett
Andrew B.
So the whole family uses this practice, it’s convenient to where we all live, the receptionists are so welcoming and charming as well as uber professional, the waiting area clean, tidy and very comfortable. Personally I see the hygienist and dentist every 6 months, they are both extremely professional as well as lovely, kind people who make time for their clientele.I’m over 50 yrs old and believe me, I know a good practice when I see one! The reassurance I get from my 6 monthly visits are worth every penny, to not only know that my teeth are in good shape but to also know that my health is good, that’s something that a lot of people don’t realise about dentistry, it really is a health mot as well as your gums and teeth.I can recommend this practice to everyone...five stars from me’ *****read more
Stephan Rochatte
Stephan R.
Before joing Epsom Dental Centre I was extremely nervous about going to the dentist having had some nightmare appointments and procedures in the past. Everybody in the dental centre are not just welcoming but very understanding. The receptionist could see I was scared and offered me reassuring comments. The dentist on the 1st floor is extremely understanding and always takes everything slowly, discussing my dental care and if I need any treatments he makes sure he talks me through it and checks I'm okay. I used to cry at the thought of going to the dentist, but now I'm happy to make sure I have my 6 month check up in order to keep my dental health in check, with the help of the fantastic and welcoming Epsom Dental more
Lucy Groves
Lucy G.
Have today received my dental implant and can not thank Dr Chirag Amin enough! I was so worried about having it done and the practice made me feel so comfortable and did the best job with no pain! Catherine on reception also reassured me when I came into my appointments looking very worried. Am now wanting to leave my NHS dentist and move to Epsom Dental Centre. From a very nervous patient this was honestly the best dental practice ever!read more
alexandra gros
alexandra G.
I can't thank ALL the staff at the Epsom Dental Centre enough for all the care i have received while i have been a patient of theirs. From being very nervous and (being honest) scared of the dentist, they have given me the confidence going forward. Many thanks to you all.
william dodge
william D.
Rahul and his team are fantastic!!! The atmosphere is so relaxed and, as a result, I no longer fear going to the dentist. Had a toothed removed in an emergency appointment at the weekend, I didnt even notice he had take it out! Thanks Epsom Dental Centre
Ross Mac
Ross M.
I would because I’m a nervous patient and everyone put me at easy as soon as I walked through the door xx this afternoon 4/10 I had 5 teeth out,mr Rahul Patel was amazing I felt so calm and relaxed and Diana Humphries who helped was great to,A big thank you for what you done for me and I’d like to say Catherine Wilks was great while I was waiting,she kept my mind off what I was having done 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗read more
Jo Jo
Jo J.
I've been looking for a new Dentist as I wasnt happy at my previous practice. I had my first appointment today and cant praise Epsom Dental Centre enough, so patient and really felt they listened. Very professional and a dentist I felt I could trust.
karen Hill
karen H.
Amazing dental practice. I am a healthcare professional myself with high standards. Dr Chirag Amin his excellent team surpassed expectation. Not only were they kind and friendly but clinically sound with highest treatment standards. An example to other Dental practices. Well done and keep up the good workread more
Mitesh patel
Mitesh P.
I have always been a nervous person when it comes to Dentist but a couple of years ago I contacted Epsom Dental Centre they booked me in with Rahul and since that day I have started to overcome being Nervous. I have since had a lot of work done and thanks to Rahul I can now smile again without hiding my teeth. And I now continue to go to my 6 month check ups and hygienist check ups. The whole Team from the receptionist to the Dentist are amazing and very friendly. I would definitely recommend this Dentist to anyone who is Nervous and has a fear of more
Katrina Cowell
Katrina C.
What a lovely dentist this is! Thank you so much to Chig, Catherine and all of the staff. You really do make me at ease and feel comfortable - don’t under estimate the impact that has on me and I’m sure many others, who are nervous of the dentist. Thank you!
Julie Sadler
Julie S.
I have been dental phobic for many many years. I finally plucked up the courage to contact a surgery which specifically deals with extremely nervous patients. I emailed at first, as I was too anxious to make a call and had my email returned by the wonderful Catherine on the reception. She was so amazing and has been a massive part of making this experience a positive one. At first I came for a tour of the surgery, which was a massive help to me. I met with the brilliant staff and had the opportunity to discuss my anxieties. I have just completed my whitening treatment using the Enlighten Smile home kit and I couldn’t be happier. Rahul has been just fantastic and very patient with my anxieties and phobia. He explained everything I needed to know, and took the time to ask how I was. Catherine called me to ask me how I was after my appointments, which meant a lot to me. I have now joined the practise and will be coming back for checkups!! Something I haven’t done for 14 years!! I am still in shock that I now go to the dentist! I still have a long way to go to get through my phobia, but the fact that I have had 4 appointments and a treatment is just amazing! I highly recommend Epsom Dental Centre!read more
Katie Woods
Katie W.
I have been dental phobic for many many years. I finally plucked up the courage to contact a surgery which specifically deals with extremely nervous patients. I emailed at first, as I was too anxious to make a call and had my email returned by the wonderful Catherine on the reception. She was so amazing and has been a massive part of making this experience a positive one. At first I came for a tour of the surgery, which was a massive help to me. I met with the brilliant staff and had the opportunity to discuss my anxieties. I have just completed my whitening treatment using the Enlighten Smile home kit and I couldn’t be happier. Rahul has been just fantastic and very patient with my anxieties and phobia. He explained everything I needed to know, and took the time to ask how I was. He settles my anxieties, and I feel like he knows me well already! Catherine called me to ask me how I was after my appointments, which meant a lot to me. I have now joined the practise and will be coming back for checkups!! Something I haven’t done for 14 years!! I am still in shock that I now go to the dentist! I still have a long way to go to get through my phobia, but the fact that I have had 4 appointments and a treatment is just amazing! I highly recommend Epsom Dental Centre!read more
Katie Woods
Katie W.
I have recently joined The Epsom Dental Centre and am hugely impressed with the friendly and professional service they provide. I'm a fairly nervous patient but was put completely at ease by Dr Mitesh Patel and the team who reassured and explained what was being done throughout the treatment. Thank youread more
Rob Norgrove
Rob N.
If you are nervous about going to the dentist then I recommend you try the Epsom Dental Centre, my wife and I have been going there for many years now to see Chig and we have received professional, friendly, gentle and first class treatment on every visit. I would also mention that the whole atmosphere within the practice is relaxing from the very moment you walk through the door. If you really are very nervous about dentists them I would strongly suggest you try Epsom Dental Centre - you won’t regret more
Brian Bridgeman
Brian B.
My first visit I found the receptionist very friendly lady very helpful made to feel welcome they do not pressure you to have treatment will definitely be going back all the staff are super great thank you
chris friend
chris F.
My family and I are extremely happy with this dentists. They are very caring professionals and the treatment we have received has been excellent. We only wish we had used them years ago.
Sarah Bailey Cartwright
Sarah Bailey C.
Oh what an irrational but very real fear! I rate myself right up there at the top of all those who are afraid of going to the dentist. So afraid I don’t go and only go when I’m in trouble.... As was the case just before Christmas. Rahul came so highly recommended and I had to go somewhere. I arrived in tears and waited with the usual fear and anticipation that many of you reading this will understand.I was greeted with warmth, patience and understanding. Rahul made me smile even through the tears and took the time to just talk to me and find out my fears. No pressure and certainly no rush. My treatment was carried out (pain free!) and whilst I left feeling alittle sorry for myself (just because of the enormous build up) I can honestly say Rahul surpassed all the promises of their website. And.... Here I am right now sat in the waiting room writing this review whilst awaiting my second appointment! Coming to the dentist is never going to be my favourite thing to do but never before have I sat calmly before my appointment. I won’t be going anywhere else! Highly recommend, do give them a more
Debbie Tems
Debbie T.
very nervous patient who had to have a tooth removed. explained everything to me and was very patient. couldnt praise them enough, no pain during or after. would recommend to my friends and family.
Angela Randall
Angela R.
Dr Mitesh Patel is a excelent dentist. My son had his teeth sorted out where he was explaining any treatment really well as well as giving all the options to go. Would definitely recommend this practice to others.
Agnieszka Bułatewicz Wielgus
Agnieszka Bułatewicz W.
I have suffered with extreme dental phobia all my adult life and therefore was always very reluctant to visit the dentist. A friend recommended Epsom Dental Centre so I thought I would give it a go. From the moment I stepped in, the staff made me feel really welcome and totally at ease. My dentist, Rahul, was fantastic. Any procedure that needed doing was explained fully and was taken at my own pace. I felt totally reassured. The dentistry is amazing and I have been left with a fantastic smile. I was given aftercare advice and was assured that I could call the centre anytime should I have any problems. The whole team are amazing and clearly passionate about their role. I would highly recommend Epsom Dental more
Julie Mayhew
Julie M.
Best dentist ever, I have a huge fear of dentists and the dentist made me feel so at ease and I could not feel a thing, I would really recommend to anyone and people who have fears of dentists. Thank you so much !!
Hannah Bridger
Hannah B.
Excellent dentist. Very calming and explains any treatment really well as well as giving all the options if available. Would definitely recommend to others.
Vicky Rushworth
Vicky R.
I be been going To Epsom Dental Centre for a Number of years . Receptionist go above n beyond when like me your in pain.. The Dental Team are nothing short of Brilliant Professional and are friendly understanding approachable . This Is The A Team in Dentistry . 💜
Carol Whittaker Pettyfer
Carol Whittaker P.
If you are nervous (extremely nervous that you avoid for too long) about the dentist and keep on googling “dentists for nervous people” then look no further than Epsom Dental. Very professional staff, who listen, don’t patronise or judge and are very kind and caring. Thank you to the receptionists also - as first point of call on phone and in person you made a real difference to my visit too. Thank more
Caroline Roxburgh
Caroline R.
I am a VERY nervous patient after bad dental experiences as a child. Epsom Dental Centre are amazing. The receptionists are warm and friendly. Rahul, my dentist has had to perform root canal a few times and he is always informative, smiley, sympathetic and gentle. I am a bit of a nightmare in the chair - but he never makes me feel bad about my fears and goes the extra mile to reassure me. Highly recommend!read more
Emma Playle
Emma P.
I was fitted in at short notice for some cosmetic work. The staff were friendly and the dentist worked wonders on my teeth so I can now smile with confidence, his attention to detail was second to none. I can’t tell which were the 3 teeth he worked on – a perfect result. Can’t recommend them highly more
Will Chamberlain-Webber
Will C.
The staff here are so friendly and helpful, I recently had a filling which I was so worried about but it was absolutely fine! I actually look forward to my appointments now! I would recommend Epsom Dental Centre to anyone, thank you!
Holly Stacey
Holly S.
Great experience - not only did they squeeze me in at short notice, but they addressed all my issues in a competent and professional way. Rahul is easily the gentlest and most considerate dentist I have ever seen.
Tanya Trevethick
Tanya T.
I have been coming to this dental practice for some time.I have received the same care and attention each and every time. From the moment I walk through the door the wonderful team in reception are always attentive and receptive to my needs.If you are looking for an experienced dentist - someone that listens to your fears and issues around any work that may be needed I highly recommend Mitesh Patel.I visited recently and as I’m on blood thinners I was quite anxious about having fillings. I have to say as fillings go - this was the best experience I have had. The pain was at an absolute minimal and Dr Patel had clearly researched how to use mindfulness exercises to distract unnecessary and unhelpful thoughts. I felt comfortable, safe and taken care of.The best dental practice in more
Atifa Ismailmiya-Balding
Atifa I.
Dr Chirag Amin was great, he has done a great job with my invisalign retainers in less then a year I have my straight teeth. Will highly recomend, I am very pleased.
Dana Gabriela
Dana G.
I hugely recommend Epsom Dental Centre. I have been a patient here for a number of years now and first arrived at the surgery with a life long phobia of the dentist! Since my first visit, I have had the most wonderful, caring and painless experience and in no time at all, my terrible fear disappeared! In fact, last year I decided to commence orthodontic treatment for problems I’d wanted to fix since I was a child and never had the courage. Today, I finished my 15 month long course of treatment which has involved wearing fixed braces for 10 months (I’m now in my 50’s by the way!), followed by 14 weeks of Invisalign. The whole package was very reasonably priced and I can honestly say, it’s been an amazingly painless and actually a pleasant and interesting experience. My dentist, Chig, couldn’t have been more caring, helpful, supportive and attentive all the way through. From the beginning he explained the procedure very clearly and has done a completely amazing job! I am so thrilled with my new smile and I’m really going to miss my frequent visits to the surgery. I have posted some videos on my YouTube channel of my treatment and progress. Thank you Chig, Chirag and your lovely team! See you in 6 months!read more
Lisa Davies
Lisa D.
I have been a patient here for over 10years and couldnt recommend them highly enough! The whole team is great and for anybody who is nervous of dentists epsom dental centre will after you easing any fears you have! Thank you!
Amy Dulley
Amy D.
Really friendly staff that are warm and genuine, especially Catherine who managed to schedule an emergency appointment the very next day after explaining my desperation!This was my first ever visit and felt in very competent hands. So impressed With Dr Amin who put me so at ease and left me completely pain free! I even received a follow up call the next day to check my progress...wonderful practice! Thank youS Burningham, Worcester Parkread more
hello m8
hello M.
I Cannot recommend you guys enough! I have had a genuine phobia of dentists and have been too scared to go for years! The team put me at complete ease and comfort as soon as i walked in! Thank you for helping me over come my fear!
Emily Sphikas
Emily S.
Epsom Dental Centre have always been so professional with all our family. Recently my daughter (12) had to have root canal and two teeth extractions and Mitesh was unbelievable at keeping her calm and reassuring her as she was understandably nervous. Everything was done to a high standard and they took great care in ensuring she was looked after every step of the procedure. I really recommend Epsom Dental Centre for anyone looking for a family friendly more
Nicola Peaty
Nicola P.
Chig is by far the best dentist I’ve ever seen. His manner, approach and mentality towards patient care is exemplary. Can’t fault his sympathy for pain and budget(!). Terrific dentist who deserves all the plaudits going.Who can forget the lovely ladies on reception who never forget your name or even your job. Terrific service all more
Elly Dunn
Elly D.