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Do You Want To Know How Dental Implants Could Help To Improve Your Smile And Your Confidence?

Do You Want To Know How Dental Implants Could Help To Improve Your Smile And Your Confidence?

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Dental Implants in Epsom

Are You Struggling With Your Dentures?

Do You Have Gaps Between Your Teeth?

End The Embarrassment Of Your Missing Teeth

Epsom Dental Centre have the solution to your problems with Dental Implants. Helping you to restore your smile and boost your self confidence.

Dental implants are a realistic replacement for missing teeth, meaning that you can smile with confidence again without the need of wearing a denture. Dental implants are a great way of replacing one or more missing teeth. They are strong, permanent, and look and feel completely natural.

What Are Dental Implants?

Dental implants are a modern treatment for replacing missing teeth. Dental implants are fitted to the bone where the tooth root would usually be.

This provides a strong foundation for new permanent or removable teeth or dentures. When fitted with a professional practitioner, dental implants are indistinguishable from other teeth.

Don’t Just Take Our Word For It, See What Our Patient Say About Their Epsom Dental Experience…

I have been treated by Chig for a couple of years now and I can honestly say that he is, by far, the most professional and skilled dentist I have ever used, virtually pain free dentistry and I have had implants, crowns etc. very pleased a friend recommended Epsom dental centre. Not just Chig ,the whole team are polite ,efficient and very more
Douglas Muldoon
Douglas M.

Why Consider Dental Implants?

Beyond the cosmetic disadvantages, missing teeth can also be bad news for your oral health. The space left by a lost tooth can cause adjacent teeth to fall into the gap.

The teeth on the opposing jaw may also be inclined to drift into the space. This slow drifting into the gap where the tooth needs to be replaced can cause bite problems if left untreated.

If the surrounding bone collapses into the socket which is left exposed due to a missing tooth, this can result in a resorption of the bone in your jaw. This resorption affects the overlying gum and causes it to shrink.

The gum on the adjacent teeth can also shrink back causing black triangles to appear either side of the gap. Due to a reduction in bone and gum in the area where the tooth was removed, the aesthetics of your teeth and smile are compromised.

In time, this loss of bone means that future dental implants are either impossible to place or more costly as additional bone grafting may be required. We recommend considering dental implants immediately after the loss of any teeth.


Download Your Free Guide To Dental Implants Today!

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What is the Procedure for Having Dental Implants Placed?

Once you have decided to replace missing teeth, we will have an initial consultation with you to decide whether dental implants are the best solution for you. Your options will always be discussed fully, along with any associated costs.

If dental implants are right for you, we can begin the planning process. We take detailed measurements using x-rays and dental impressions to calculate the precise location of your new dental implant. The location of the implant determines the final aesthetic result and how well the implant will be secured into the bone.

After the planning phase, we can begin actual treatment. The process is normally carried out under local anaesthetic and for anxious patients we can offer hypnotherapy to help you relax. The dental implant is placed and we then wait for six weeks for the dental implant to integrate with the surrounding bone and for the soft tissue to heal.

The amazing thing with a titanium dental implant is that your body does not recognise it as a foreign object, resulting in the complete integration of the implant into your jaw.

You will then return to the practice where we will check that the implant has fully integrated. Success rates are extremely high.

We can then progress to making the final tooth, which fits over the top of the dental implant. Impressions will be taken and sent to the dental laboratory for manufacture. Two weeks later, your final crown can be fitted. The procedure is very similar for dentures.

I’d Like to Have Dental Implants, What Do I Do Next?

If you would like to replace your missing teeth and believe that dental implants may be the best solution for you, please complete the form below for a free consultation.

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Why Choose Epsom Dental Centre? We’ll Let Our Patients Do The Talking

Epsom Dental Centre
Based on 198 reviews
Epsom Dental Centre
Based on 24 reviews
This has been my first experience of the Epsom Dental Centre. I cannot fault the efficiency and friendliness of the Receptionists, particularly as they have the additional Covid complications to deal with. Dr Mitesh Patel could not have done more with his sympathetic and patient approach to give me the confidence to proceed with my treatment. I would definitely recommend this Practice to more
Patricia Reed
Patricia R.
I would recommend Epsom Dental Centre to everyone, the staff are always friendly but very professional too. The dentists are gentle and won't hurt you, any necessary work will be explained in full. If you are frightened by dental visits I would thoroughly recommend you try Epsom Dental Centre - you won't regret more
Brian Bridgeman
Brian B.
I have been treated by Chig for a couple of years now and I can honestly say that he is, by far, the most professional and skilled dentist I have ever used, virtually pain free dentistry and I have had implants, crowns etc. very pleased a friend recommended Epsom dental centre. Not just Chig ,the whole team are polite ,efficient and very more
Douglas Muldoon
Douglas M.
I recently had my 6 month check up at Epsom Dental Centre. It's always good to see Chig and to have a chat with Barbara and Catherine on reception. Everyone is so warm and welcoming and very professional, especially now with safety a priority. I can't recommend them enough and wouldn't think of going anywhere else. One happy client. Thanks more
Denise Hess
Denise H.
I have been with the Epsom Dental Centre for decades, the quality of service they give has always been first class, if ever I have had a problem they have reacted quickly and efficiently, I couldn't ask for more.Even though I now live quite a long way from Epsom I wouldn't contemplate moving to another practice as I doubt I would ever find the same level of care and more
stuart murray
stuart M.
Epsom Dental Centre really is 5 Stars, I have always been a nervous patient, Dr Metish Patel is fantastic, the reception staff are very friendly, all round it is a great dentist, Highly recommend
Kevin Blaker
Kevin B.
I have always had great service at Epsom Dental Centre and highly recommend Dr Mitesh Patel. All the staff are wonderful and always so friendly and helpful at the front desk.
Suniti Makhecha
Suniti M.
I have been attending Epsom Dental Centre for years, along with my wife and children. In my opinion this practice represents the gold standard in dental care. The ladies in reception are professional, polite and patient, and the quality of dental care is second to none.Throughout the pandemic the attention to safety has been amazing, which is greatly appreciated. I can't recommend Epsom Dental Centre highly more
Anthony Bee
Anthony B.
I recently joined as a new patient and recommend Epsom Dental Centre. The service is warm, friendly and professional. Dr Chig was very thorough and knowledgable when discussing the process of my Invisalign journey. I’m personally not afraid of going to the dentist, but I know that it’s a very common concern for many - I am confident that you’d be put at ease here and feel immediately in safe and capable hands!read more
Mared Davies
Mared D.
Great Dental Service, from the warm welcoming reception staff to the professional dentist & dental team. I would highly recommend this practice to anyone who is looking for a professional & caring dental centre.
Ricardo Singh
Ricardo S.
Have been going to the centre for a number of years now , and the team have always been kind and understanding , with nothing too much troubleMy dental work has not been straight forward but their skills and advice have always over come any problemsThank you
David Brooks
David B.
Have been a Patient with Epsom Dental Centre for many years now. I would not go anywhere else, even if I moved away, They are honest & trustworthy in all their check ups & treatment. Customer Service given at Reception and in treatment rooms is very good, I was a Business Induction Trainer before Retirement & Customer Service was very prevelant in my Training more
Joanie C.T.
Joanie C.
I've been using EDC for many years at the initial recommendation of a friend after being let down by another dental practice.Routinely attend for check-ups and cleaning. Have always received good advice from the dentists and hygienists.When I've needed treatment for problems, it has always been done professionally and in a sensitive manner. They're a friendly bunch too!Also, when restrictions were lifted after the first lockdown in 2020, they were there for me. Keep up the good work, Chig and colleagues 😎👍read more
Mike Barnett
Mike B.
We have been with Epsom Dental Centre for many years and has always found them professional ,helpful and friendly. We would recommend them to anyone. Terry and Maureen
terence jeffery
terence J.
If you are an anxious patient , then this is the practice for you . Lovely , friendly and patient staff . Big shout out to Catherine , Helen & Barbara on the front desk .
emma hensby
emma H.
I’ve recently moved to Epsom last year September 2019 & trying to find the best dentist in this area. But with the lockdown there was a delay...Finally found one with the best reviews! Never have I met Rehul Patel, in December 2020, with the most wonderful & caring personality! He’s the best dentist I’ve ever met.Look no further & this is the one! Also great & friendly receptionist too! What a team!Highly recommend if you’re looking for a great dentist!read more
sarah lai
sarah L.
I highly recommend Epsom Dental Centre. The staff are so friendly and go above and beyond to make you feel welcome. Treatments are top notch and always with such care. By far the best dental practice. Dr Mitesh is outstanding. So incredibly thorough and a perfectionist whilst always being so caring. The ladies in the office are so lovely. Always friendly and kind. I could not recommend them more!read more
Tamaryn Pitout
Tamaryn P.
Excellent from start to finish. We agreed a price and a schedule and then lockdown got in the way. The price remained the same even if the schedule slipped a little. Every step of the way was carefully explained and I would highly recommend Epsom Dental Centre.
fiona astill
fiona A.
I always have an excellent experience at the Dental centre. Organisation spot on, clinicians friendly but more imprtantly do a top job. No complaints from me. An important area of life nailed! Thanks
Simon Jones
Simon J.
Such a great experience! I've been here a few times now and the staff are all great and professional. I received my first filling last week, and I couldn't be happier with the result - no pain at all, and you can't even tell I have had a filling my dentist did that great of a job! If you're in anyway anxious about dental treatment I'd recommend this practice!read more
Craig Maxwell
Craig M.
Recently changed dental practice having moved to the area. I have never encountered such welcoming and friendly reception staff. At every stage (including last minute emergency visits!) they cannot do enough to help.The actual quality of service and dentists themselves (Dr Rahul) is second to none. Very clear, concise and helpful. Don’t feel like being pressured into anything unnecessary and everything is explained.As a fellow healthcare professional (although NHS!), this practice has blown me away!read more
Samuel Voller
Samuel V.
Second visit to a new location but very rewarding.. Dalia is the best hygienist I’ve ever used. She takes pride in her work and making you feel relaxed. Well done!
Norman Bernard
Norman B.
More then happy with them. Seeing is believing 😊. I have to say, after only 1 hygienic treatment my gums are bleeding very little! I was told I need 2 more sessions but that's ok with me. Amazing job! Amazing place, I feel like crying from happiness.. lol 🤣 . This will be my dental centre from now on. 10 stars rating !read more
Pinoy at heart
Pinoy at H.
Having spent absolutely years feeling too scared to go to the dentist and suffering really bad anxiety just thinking about it, Epsom Dental Centre have completely changed everything for me.I felt really reassured after looking at their website and seeing how prepared they are for nervous patients. I loved being able to contact them via WhatsApp as I was too nervous to call.The reception staff are lovely, my dentist put me completely at ease. He was kind, non judgemental and checked I was ok throughout.My initial check up was very stress free and he took the time to answer all my questions and go through my concerns without any rush.I have since been back for one filling, which was a positive experience and a hygienist appointment which was also absolutely fine. I can’t quite believe I’ve finally done it!I’ve booked a check up in 6 months and feel like a weight has been lifted from my mind.If you’re very nervous or haven’t been to the dentist in years, this is definitely a great place to go. You will be OK!read more
Catherine Beck
Catherine B.
I had managed to break a molar and had to have an unexpected filling. I was able to get an appointment quickly and as usual, the service was AMAZING! Mitesh and his team are always so professional, caring and friendly. With the ongoing COVID19 pandemic, the centre was spotless and they are going above and beyond to keep everyone safe. Well done all.Louise Moore, Epsomread more
This was my first time visiting Epsom Dental Centre, and I was really pleased with the practice. The receptionists were helpful and kept everything efficiently run and I was made to feel safe. They had all protocols in place and adhered to the current guidelines with no issues.Really happy with my appointment with Dr Chirag Amin. He was very thorough, talked me through my check up and my dental health going more
Laura Mae Colclough
Laura Mae C.
The entire team was very professional, helpful and sensitive through my long term treatment following my injury.Big thank you to all and especially Dr. Mitesh Patel.
Simona Beresford
Simona B.
This is our family dental practice for the past 5 years. Everyone has had great experience so far. I can just praise the practice for the arrangements they have made due to COVID-19 to make the dental visits safe.
Marietta Pal-Magdics
Marietta P.
I would because I’m a nervous patient and everyone put me at easy as soon as I walked through the door xx this afternoon 4/10 I had 5 teeth out,mr Rahul Patel was amazing I felt so calm and relaxed and Diana Humphries who helped was great to,A big thank you for what you done for me and I’d like to say Catherine Wilks was great while I was waiting,she kept my mind off what I was having done 🤗🤗🤗🤗🤗read more
Jo Jo
Jo J.
I have always been a nervous person when it comes to Dentist but a couple of years ago I contacted Epsom Dental Centre they booked me in with Rahul and since that day I have started to overcome being Nervous. I have since had a lot of work done and thanks to Rahul I can now smile again without hiding my teeth. And I now continue to go to my 6 month check ups and hygienist check ups. The whole Team from the receptionist to the Dentist are amazing and very friendly. I would definitely recommend this Dentist to anyone who is Nervous and has a fear of more
Katrina Cowell
Katrina C.
What a lovely dentist this is! Thank you so much to Chig, Catherine and all of the staff. You really do make me at ease and feel comfortable - don’t under estimate the impact that has on me and I’m sure many others, who are nervous of the dentist. Thank you!
Julie Sadler
Julie S.
I have been dental phobic for many many years. I finally plucked up the courage to contact a surgery which specifically deals with extremely nervous patients. I emailed at first, as I was too anxious to make a call and had my email returned by the wonderful Catherine on the reception. She was so amazing and has been a massive part of making this experience a positive one. At first I came for a tour of the surgery, which was a massive help to me. I met with the brilliant staff and had the opportunity to discuss my anxieties. I have just completed my whitening treatment using the Enlighten Smile home kit and I couldn’t be happier. Rahul has been just fantastic and very patient with my anxieties and phobia. He explained everything I needed to know, and took the time to ask how I was. He settles my anxieties, and I feel like he knows me well already! Catherine called me to ask me how I was after my appointments, which meant a lot to me. I have now joined the practise and will be coming back for checkups!! Something I haven’t done for 14 years!! I am still in shock that I now go to the dentist! I still have a long way to go to get through my phobia, but the fact that I have had 4 appointments and a treatment is just amazing! I highly recommend Epsom Dental Centre!read more
Katie Woods
Katie W.
If you are nervous about going to the dentist then I recommend you try the Epsom Dental Centre, my wife and I have been going there for many years now to see Chig and we have received professional, friendly, gentle and first class treatment on every visit. I would also mention that the whole atmosphere within the practice is relaxing from the very moment you walk through the door. If you really are very nervous about dentists them I would strongly suggest you try Epsom Dental Centre - you won’t regret more
Brian Bridgeman
Brian B.
My family and I are extremely happy with this dentists. They are very caring professionals and the treatment we have received has been excellent. We only wish we had used them years ago.
Sarah Bailey Cartwright
Sarah Bailey C.
very nervous patient who had to have a tooth removed. explained everything to me and was very patient. couldnt praise them enough, no pain during or after. would recommend to my friends and family.
Angela Randall
Angela R.
Dr Mitesh Patel is a excelent dentist. My son had his teeth sorted out where he was explaining any treatment really well as well as giving all the options to go. Would definitely recommend this practice to others.
Agnieszka Bułatewicz Wielgus
Agnieszka Bułatewicz W.
Excellent dentist. Very calming and explains any treatment really well as well as giving all the options if available. Would definitely recommend to others.
Vicky Rushworth
Vicky R.
I be been going To Epsom Dental Centre for a Number of years . Receptionist go above n beyond when like me your in pain.. The Dental Team are nothing short of Brilliant Professional and are friendly understanding approachable . This Is The A Team in Dentistry . 💜
Carol Whittaker Pettyfer
Carol Whittaker P.
Dr Chirag Amin was great, he has done a great job with my invisalign retainers in less then a year I have my straight teeth. Will highly recomend, I am very pleased.
Dana Gabriela
Dana G.

See What Our Patients Say...

"Every time I look in the mirror I just smile"

“I can’t tell you the difference my new smile has made to my confidence. I really can’t stop smiling and I’m over the moon with the results.

Every time I look in the mirror I just smile. Now, I’ll happily talk to people when in the past I would have shied away. It’s made such a difference to my life. I never expected the results to be so good and I didn’t expect to feel so differently about myself”

Denise from Tadworth

"Efficient, welcoming and extremely competent"

“They have all the boxes ticked. One of the main ingredients to success is the team from Epsom Dental Centre. They are efficient, welcoming and most importantly, extremely competent.”

Francois from Ewell

"The dentists are so gentle"

“I think the dental centre is fantastic. I was so terrified of going to the dentist as a child. At Epsom Dental Centre, the dentists are so gentle. They really listen to you and are so patient, pleasant and friendly.

They’re also so professional and I totally trust them.”

Joan from Epsom

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